Our Staff

Our staff are our biggest asset. We are committed to providing a supportive working environment to create a happy and healthy work culture for all. ABH directly employ more than 150 staff across our facility. Our average staff length of service is 7 years with 13% attrition versus an industry average of 25%.  Many staff have worked with us for 20 years or more. Their tenure, dedication and loyalty are celebrated in an annual awards ceremony.

People Management & Workplace Culture

    • Average staff retention: 7 years (13% attrition vs industry average 25%)
    • Annual Staff Service Recognition Program
    • Annual Staff Values awards nominated by all stakeholders – Respect, Compassion, Integrity, Excellence, Stewardship
    • Non award staff supported throughout pandemic
    • Care packages throughout pandemic: gift hampers, gift vouchers, Uber eats voucher
    • Continual single site workforce throughout 2020/21 requiring Zero agency staff
    • Workplace wellbeing and counselling services
    • Staff lunches: International Nurses Day; Harmony Day; support meals during lockdown
    • Referral bonuses
    • Themed dress up days
    • Working from home allowance


We foster an ongoing commitment to high quality training in all areas of care and administration required at the facility.

Regular face to face and online training is provided. This includes dementia, infection controls, palliative care, fire safety, physical OH&S and the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Staff have full access to the following:

    • Altura online training hub
    • Dedicated training room for face to face and virtual training
    • Dedicated full time Training & Development Manager
    • Compulsory training – fire safety, hand washing competencies, PPE donning & doffing, medication, pandemic fatigue, dementia care, monthly toolbox themes
    • Specialist nursing care – infection control, dementia

Key Executive Staff

Leigh Kildey – Chief Executive

Vicki Hatzsisevastos – Client Relations Officer

Juliet Kei –  Acting General Manager Care

Renee Yang – Clinical Manager, A.H. Orr

Huan Yu – Acting Clinical Manager, Bethel Lodge

Fumpa Mitchell – Quality Co-ordinator

Morag McHutchison  –  Diversional Therapy Manager

Neha Haribhai – HR Manager

Margaret Pistevos – General Manager


Ana Pereira  – Weekday Receptionist

Sally Alves –  Executive Assistant

Alex Giameos –   Client Liaison Officer

Nitish Mudbhari – Clinical Nurse Educator

Rama Sapkota –  Infection Prevention & Control Lead

Ruth Njogah – Chaplain

Liz Foster – Communications Manager

Patrick McFarlane – Bethel Home Care Case Manager

Interim Care Org Chart 16.9.22


Our Board of Directors provide a high level of governance and oversight of all Ashfield Baptist Homes Operations. The Board meet once a month.

Board Chair – David Glinatsis

Board Deputy Chair – Belinda Dona

Care Staff

More than 120 Care Staff are employed across three key areas:

Clinical Staff

    • Interim Executive Care Manager: Juliet Kei
    • Clinical Managers: Huan Yu (Bethel, Interim), Renee Yang (A.H. Orr)
    • Clinical Nurse Educator: Nitish Mudbhari
    • Infection Prevention & Control Lead: Rama Sapkota

Lifestyle Staff

    • Diversional Therapy Manager: Morag Miles
    • Care Staff


    • Finance, Payroll, Accounts, Maintenance

On-Site Contract Staff

Catering – contracted to CaterCare

Cleaning – contracted to Gen2

Laundry – contracted to Catering Industries

We conduct annual rigorous quality reviews before renewing these essential on-site contract services. Resident, staff and family feedback is sought to inform all decision making.

All our on-site contracting staff follow the same protocols and procedures as our own staff.




Ashfield Baptist Homes is a not-for-profit organisation.

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